About Us

The first Business Promotion Ads Platform

We founded Nation Ads to:

  • Build an entrepreneurship empowerment platform for youths.
  • Give Advertisers a worthy market reach local and nationwide.
  • Give Advertisers an affordable, innovative and unique platform.
  • Give passengers a great travelling experience.

Our Nation Ads CMS has long been a very appreciated and reliable system to improve passenger satisfaction in public transport. Now we extend our portfolio with a newly developed Automatic Vehicle Display System (AVDS), Online Geo- Advertisement streaming system with automatic accounting integrations to help our franchisees and to provide customers with advertisements at affordable cost, to provide passengers with accurate trip information and updating of daily news. Compared to our CMS, our AVDS is a more powerful tool for configuring displays, which together with our CMS will cover the absolute majority of the market requirements for on-board infotainment.
With the newly developed AVDS of Nation Ads can take a larger responsibility towards our partners and customers in order to meet all requirements from public transport authorities.

“This is a great contribution to our portfolio. In the past we had seen that potential partners and customers many times associate Nation Ads with only providing a system for on-board advertisements. With our new AVDS, I believe it will be very clear that we truly are an infotainment company offering the entire system suite, providing both passenger information at the right time and place while still enabling commercial advertisements and thus by promoting entrepreneurship empowerment platform for youths and earn an attractive income of up to Rs. 1,00,000 – 2,00,000 per month.

With our new AVDS of Nation Ads with powerful CMS creating opportunities for our Franchisees by controlling messages and advertisements on-board.”

One of the benefits with using Nation Ads CMS has always been that the software can be installed and run well on almost any hardware. Time has proven the system to be extremely reliable, which the new AVDS benefits from since both systems use the same system foundation. This makes the Nation Ads AVDS a competitive, user friendly and reliable choice regardless of where in the world the system is to be used.

The Nation Ads AVDS is easily integrated with most existing on-board systems and can be up and running within very short time.

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From the start of this innovative project, we have worked to increase the possibility for operators, authorities and associated companies to have an efficient communication channel with the passengers.

Today we are happy and proud to provide our reliable solution focusing entrepreneurship empowerment with sound business platform. With this platform our franchisees and their customers can communicate with the passengers and control the communication in the most efficient way. All these done through our own developed and easy-to-use web-based and android user interface.

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Our Strategy

We have a franchisee strategy since we understand that companies can’t be equally good at all things. Our team works dedicated with developing top-of-the-line software and sharing our competence in infotainment with our franchisees. Our system and technology enable our fracnhsiees to focus on what they do best, while we take care of the critical needs related to Digital Signage and Infotainment. We help our franchisees stay ahead of competition!

Our Vision

"We will provide: Our clients with high level of excellence that surpasses their highest expectations. Our Vision is to provide world class advertising solutions to our clients. Our Vision to promote entrepreneurship empowerment for 3000-6000 youths in Kerala and 1,20,000 youths in India. Our Mission To be the India's most leading Advertising Company in upcoming years & understand the needs of our clients in delivering the right advertisement solution to enhance the value of their businesses with better market reach with minimal affordable cost.

Our Values

Integrity-We insist on honesty and fairness as the guides against which all of our actions must be measured, and we dedicate ourselves to walking the high ground in all our actions.

Dedicated Team

We are a team of highly motivated professionals where our quality and passion sets us apart from our competition. Definitely our team spirit is the foundation of our success and the key to our future.

Hima Jayakumar

Manager Administration / HR


Manager - Finance


Senior Technical Head IT & Operations


Senior Software Developer & Coordinator

Mohammed Shifan.C

Senior Graphic Designer & Editor

Nation Ads installing in the Buses of All Kerala Private Bus Organization

In association with All Kerala Bus Operators Organization, Nation Ads has now installed several buses. Nation Ads is contributing its CMS and media computer, to manage and serve content on Nation Ads displays installed inside those buses and providing an opportunity to become an entrepreneur for each franchisee by investing just Rs. 5,00,000+GST and can earn an attractive income of Rs.1,00,000 - 2,00,000 per month and provide an attractive ROI of up to 400%. Just Imagine!!!!!

Our platform focusing Small Scale Enterprises and Corporates.

This is the unique delivery offered by Nation Ads encouraging the empowerment of younger youths offering a low cost investment, higher ROI, high reliability and easy maintenance. Focusing to empower the businesses ranging from Small Scale Enterprises/units, Kudumbasree Units, LIC agents, brokers, consultants, hotels, restaurants, malls, theatres, cinema promotion units, FMCG Product manufacturers and distributors to advertise their product/service at a nominal cost costing just Rs.5000/month/bus attracting 30,000 customers in a month.  It clearly states that the Advertisers spend only just 30 paisa to promote their High Quality Video Advertisements for a month in this platform. Note that these are our clienteles. Hence a Franchisee can easily grab the market locally from these clients. There is no doubt!!!

Nation Ads is a brand of Automithra India Pvt Ltd having its Corporate Office at Palakkad, Kerala and grand initiative to transform the digital marketing industry with digital technology innovations. We are the leaders when it comes to digital technology solutions in the industry, be it the Road Transport Management Portals, Hotel Management Portals, Digital Advertisement solutions, Fleet and Cargo management and tracking, GPS monitoring systems, RFID tracking, Automatic ticketing systems or IT innovations for enhancing road safety and rule compliance. We are the preferred technology partners for the leaders in the transport and digital marketing or signage industry and associated verticals.

'Nation Ads Digital Reach' is one of our key initiatives and platform that is designed to provide Corporates as well as SMEs a high-impact, high-reach, low-cost Digital Advertising Platform to reach hundreds of thousands of their potential customers. We would be glad to extend our platform to your esteemed organization and we invite you to explore and leverage Nation Ads to reach your products, services and brand via a most innovative Digital Signage Platform.

Leverage the lowest price in the advertisement world with Nation Ads. You can choose the right package that fits your budget as our offerings include price ranges (MRP) as low as Rs.5000+GST (for a slot of 15seconds).